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Interview: ‘Include air cleaning in the design’

Industrial building magazine ‘Industriebouw’ – September 2021
Euromate is committed to a better approach to air pollution in industrial halls

In all industrial working environments – from distribution centers to production locations – there is nuisance due to air pollution, mainly caused by (fine) dust. Nevertheless, professional air cleaning is often only applied afterwards as it is seen as difficult and therefore given a low priority. That is a missed opportunity, says marketing manager Annelies de Jong of Euromate. “You actually have to include it in the design phase to arrive at an optimal approach. That way you can create enormous added value.”

Specialist knowledge

It all starts with an inventory of the business processes in the hall. The number of people, the work they perform, the layout of the hall and the air flows together determine the dust load. Making an inventory of these requires specialist knowledge, a must to determine where problems will arise and how you can tackle them effectively. Companies often think that they have everything in order because they have a climate system. However, this does not ensure that air is adequately cleaned. You really have to do more for that.”

Forty-five years of experience

Euromate has been working for more than 45 years to realize a better indoor climate in organisations: from classrooms, practice rooms for dentists and general practitioners, and hair salons to gyms, offices and industrial halls. Numerous professional solutions are available for this. “Not only is dust a nuisance, there can also be nuisance due to, among other things, odors and gases, fat and oils, tobacco smoke and of course the corona virus,” continues De Jong. “The corona crisis has made people more aware of the importance of good ventilation and air cleaning, but in our opinion much more attention should be paid to this, especially in the design of industrial working environments.”

Win in all areas

Ultimately, there is only profit to be gained from a clean working environment. “When a hall is put into use, air pollution usually slowly but surely becomes visible and noticeable. In the longer term, accumulated dust can cause malfunctions in forklift trucks or treadmills, for example. And that’s not even talking about the health effects on employees. So there is every reason to take air purification seriously.”


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