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Interview Facto: ‘Air cleaners key to open offices again’

Monday, May 10, an interview with our global marketing manager Annelies de Jong appeared in Facto, a platform for Facility Management and Housing. The item can be read below.

Ventilation is a hot topic in the fight against the prevailing pandemic, but the added value of air cleaners remains underexposed for the time being. In the Netherlands, that is, because in neighboring countries the need for this solution has long since dawned on us. “With the right measures, people can simply go to the office,” says Annelies de Jong, Euromate’s marketing manager. “But you can’t get there with ventilation alone.”

As the expert in and source of information for a healthy indoor climate at companies, Euromate believes it is important that awareness increases in the Netherlands about the impact of air on health. “With our 45 years of experience, we know what floats in the air and to what extent that air is polluted,” says marketing manager Annelies de Jong. “But the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) continues to maintain that aerosols do not pose a risk of contamination and companies often have no idea of ​​the health risks.”

Misunderstanding about air cleaning

An important cause of the unfamiliarity about this subject, according to De Jong, is the misunderstanding that air cleaning is the same as ventilation. “That is not true. Air cleaners are a very important addition to the central climate system or ventilation system. Just one air cleaner is enough for a room up to 200 m2 and also five times cheaper than adjusting a ventilation system. It is a real shame that this solution in the fight against the pandemic now remains undiscussed. In any case, little attention is paid to what people breathe. ”

Ventilation not enough

De Jong explains that ventilation is not enough to clean the air from viruses. “The 2012 Building Decree prescribes a certain number of air changes. This means that twice an hour, the air is completely exhausted and fresh air is brought back into the room. But twice an hour is far from enough in a room where people breathe all day long and thereby emit aerosols, which may contain contaminated particles. Especially in the knowledge that the outside air also contains particulate matter. An air cleaner takes all the air in the room through the device five times an hour. Tests by research institute TNO, among others, show that our air cleaners capture more than 99 percent of the virus particles, creating a safer situation and reducing absenteeism among employees. ”

Proven effective in fighting viruses

In countries such as France, Germany, and Finland, the necessary combination of ventilation and air cleaning is not a topic of discussion. Euromate, which is active in fifty countries, is therefore seeing increasing sales of professional air cleaners outside the Netherlands. “Those countries have provided subsidies for the purchase of air cleaners. They state that aerosols are a problem and that ventilation alone is not enough. Even when this pandemic is over because viruses remain. We must not forget that. ”

In the Netherlands, the chance of a breakthrough of the air cleaner as a remedy for the pandemic has recently increased slightly. In the House of Representatives, “which is also filled with air cleaners”, a motion has been filed to investigate whether air cleaning can help combat the coronavirus. De Jong: “At the moment our VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield 3300, in combination with a highly efficient filter, are the only tested and proven effective air cleaners in the Netherlands that filter viruses and bacteria, including corona, from the air.”

Long lifespan and low energy consumption

Euromate has different types of air cleaners, for a whole range of areas, from small office spaces to industrial spaces. “The handy thing is that you can place them on a stand or build them in, for example, in a suspended ceiling, so that the device is completely concealed in a room. And they are also plug-and-play, so there is no need for renovations. You put the plug in the socket and it works. With only the consumption of a light bulb! ”

Speaking of sustainability: Euromate air cleaners last at least fifteen years and have a five-year warranty. “We make them here in Breda, with European parts, and have them tested one by one by the accredited bodies. One hundred percent of the air that is sucked in actually goes through the filters and does not flow through cracks or crevices. ”

With the right precautions, there is really no need to work from home all together

Work safely in the office

De Jong emphasizes her message that people can absolutely work safely in the office again. “With the right precautions, it really is not necessary to all work from home. Air cleaning is a relatively cheap way to clean the virus – and fine dust, viruses, and bacteria anyway – from the air. And with that, air cleaners are the key to getting back to the office all together! ”

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