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Industry Magazine: Manufacturing industry enthusiastic about Euromate air cleaners that filter harmful particulate matter, odours and gases.

Particulate matter, odours and gases; this is only a small summary of what is floating around us in the indoor air. Invisible, but classifiable as a silent killer. The manufacturing industry has to deal with it and nowadays a lot of research is being done about the effect of indoor air pollution on the health of employees. This is why many companies are looking for a permanent solution to this problem! Euromate helps large and small companies with an HF air cleaner and the new modern Dust Free Industrial 8500. Personalized filter packages ensure that air pollution can be tackled in every situation.

Smurfit Kappa has a Euromate HF air cleaner. “It is obvious to us that we put the health of our employees first,” says Mr. De Kruyf, Occupational Health and Environmental Coordinator of the company from Oosterhout. After thorough research and the dust measurement that took place in the preliminary phase, Dick Stoorvogel from Euromate issued an advice. Mr. de Kruyf: “The plant manager and the advisor of Euromate spoke each other’s language.” Smurfit Kappa invested in an improved working environment for its employees. Mr. De Kruyf continues: “The difference is clearly noticeable. During the filter change we see how a lot of (fine) dust is filtered from the air. We have decided to purchase four new HF air purifiers for a different production area.” The air cleaners also ensure less dust and dirt in the machines. In the long term, this results in fewer machine failures, so no valuable time and money is lost. “Finally a supplier who does what she says!”

Mr. Pauw, owner of Slijperij Vlijm from Leiden can talk about this. “Besides grinding dust, wood and metal particles, the grinder also releases moisture and oil mist.” Although his company is smaller than Smurfit Kappa, he did see the great advantage of a Euromate air cleaner. Mr. Pauw continues: “Apart from the metal air, we always saw an” oil mist “hanging in the air. I didn’t have any health problems (yet), but I didn’t want to wait for that either. It can never be good for you. “ Now that the HF air purifier is hanging, it clearly notices the difference. “It smells much fresher. Previously there was a fog and now it is completely gone.”

The new Dust Free Industrial 8500 is a more powerful type of air cleaner than the air cleaners of the HF series and specifically intended for “dry” (fine) dust in large industrial and logistics halls. Various well-known parties, such as Kruidvat and Destil, have already taken in the Dust Free Industrial 8500 for their industrial halls. The first reactions are great!

Do you want to know what air cleaning can mean for your company? Then contact Euromate via or call 076-5789550.

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