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Improve air quality at school

Various studies have shown that poor air quality at school can adversely affect children’s learning performance. Unfortunately, in 80% of schools, the indoor environment is not healthy. It is therefore important to improve air quality at school.

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The new generation of air cleaners effectively tackles indoor air pollution.

  • Air exchange at school provides a fresh and pleasant learning environment.
  • Air cleaning at school has a positive effect on productivity and absenteeism.
  • Reduces concentration problems, fatigue and headache, throat and nose complaints.
  • Energy efficient: heated and cooled air is well distributed in the room.

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“The advantage is that we all notice that not only the smells have disappeared, but the air feels much nicer and more pleasant”
Child Daycare Belle Fleur

“Our colleagues think that the air cleaners are excellent!”
Child Daycare Madelief

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Causes of poor air quality at school

  • Noise (for example from busy traffic roads) is a reason to keep the window closed during the lessons.
  • Nasty, musty smells from the outside air but also from the students or poor ventilation.
  • Pupils are often sick and as a result they bring bacteria and viruses to school where they remain hanging in the air.
  • Air and heat loss can also be a reason to keep the window closed.
  • Schools, located along major traffic routes, suffer from (ultra) particulate matter due to an excess of exhaust gas emissions. You want to leave polluted air outside.

Obviously, sufficient fresh air and, particularly, healthy air are important for improving the air quality at school. This problem can be solved fairly easily through air cleaning.

Stale air at school

The air in school classrooms is often stale. This is caused by poor ventilation. When the air ‘stands still’ it becomes stale. Moreover, the pupils often bring all kinds of odours with them, such as sweat after gym and the scent of clothing that has been soaked in the rain. Most classrooms are overfull, which means there are plenty of potential ‘unpleasant odours’ that can pollute in the indoor air.