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Improving air quality

at school

Various studies have shown that poor air quality at school can have a negative impact on children’s learning performance. Unfortunately the indoor environment is unhealthy at over 80% of Dutch schools. It is therefore important to improve the air quality in our schools.

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There are many reasons that the air quality at school is so poor:

  • Noise (e.g. from busy roads) is a reason to keep the windows closed during classes
  • Unpleasant, stale odours from the outdoor air, pupils or poor ventilation
  • Pupils are often sick and therefore bring bacteria and viruses with them to school where they hang in the air
  • Draught and heat loss can also be a reason for keeping the windows closed
  • Schools located along major traffic routes suffer from ultra-fine particulates due to the excessive emissions of exhaust gases. You want to keep polluted air out

Obviously, sufficient fresh air and, particularly, healthy air are important for improving the air quality at school. This problem can be solved fairly easily through air cleaning.

Stale air at school

The air in school classrooms is often stale. This is caused by poor ventilation. When the air ‘stands still’ it becomes stale. Moreover, the pupils often bring all kinds of odours with them, such as sweat after gym and the scent of clothing that has been soaked in the rain. In the Netherlands most classrooms are overfull, which means there are plenty of potential ‘unpleasant odours’ that can pollute in the indoor air.

Air cleaning for elimination of objectionable odours

Unpleasant odours are not beneficial to learning performance but can be taken care of quite easily. An air cleaner for mitigating bothersome odours is able to draw in the stinky air, filter it and blow the odour-free air back into the room. Euromate has fitted the air cleaner for bad smells with a CarbonMax filter. This contains lots of carbon so that gases and odours remain trapped in the filter.

Questions or free advice?

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