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Improve air quality in an orthopedic company

There is a lot in the air that can make you sick!

You will recognize it: unpleasant odours, smells and vapors from paints, glues, synthetic resins and other materials in the workspace. Or monomers and (fine) dust from plaster casts and sanding work. It is part of the job, but it is also very bad for your health and bothersome for both employees and patients. Not surprising that, among other things, pneumonia is much more common in your industry. Other health complaints that are common among employees of an orthopedic company include: breathing problems, eczema and allergic reactions.

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Orthopedic shoemaker, orthopedic technician, sole maker, ocularist, prosthetist, orthotist or related profession? Stop working in fine dust and unpleasant odours! It is bad for your health and the solution is simple: an air purifier from Euromate!

  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air.
  • No more nuisance from unpleasant odours, viruses, bacteria and (fine) dust.
  • Lower absenteeism due to illness: staff work in healthy air.
  • Less cleaning costs: less pollution in the air that drifts down.

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Companies with clean indoor air

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What do our customers say?

“The employees of the production department switch on the VisionAir air cleaner always at the same fan speed.”
Robert Schilte Orthopedie

“We are delighted with it, and with the service we’ve had from Euromate.”
Schoenmakerij Bergen

Does the safety and health of your employees deserve the highest priority? We are happy to advise you.

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Good for your health but also other benefits

Due to the production process of custom products, many polluting particles enter the indoor air that can negatively affect your health. Provide a healthy working environment and do not wait for follow-up complaints such as sleep disorders and chronic respiratory infections! An air purifier from Euromate offers many advantages:

  • Long range, effective and efficient.
  • Less cleaning work and equipment failures.
  • Due to recirculation, no precious heated or cooled air is lost.
  • Energy efficient, quiet and user-friendly.
  • Plug and play system that can be mounted in the ceiling or on the wall without chopping and breaking.

Air purifier against unpleasant odours, monomers and (fine) dust

Annoying odours, monomers and a lot of (fine) dust often hang in the air of a company that makes orthopedic aids. These arise during grinding and sanding of plastic, resins and plaster. The VisionAir air cleaner will reduce odors and (fine) dust from plastic and plaster, but also monomers. The polluted air is drawn in, filtered and blown back into the room with no odours. The filter that is used for this is a CarbonMax filter. It contains carbon that is able to absorb gases and odours. That is nice because an orthopedic employee works in the same room for a long time and unpleasant odours are not pleasant to work in. Are you wondering if an air cleaner can solve the problems in the air quality of your orthopedic company? Don’t hesitate to contact us!