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New requirements for air quality

and ventilation in childcare centres

From 1 April 2017 childcare centres must be compliant with the 2012 Building Decree. It’s a good thing, too, because studies conducted by various branches of the Dutch public health service (GGD) have shown that the air quality in many childcare centres could do with some improvement. The new 2012 Building Decree contains stricter requirements for air quality and ventilation. New requirements and legislation always raise questions, especially when it comes to air quality. Do we have to measure air quality? Will renovations be necessary? Lots of questions… so what are the facts of the matter?

Questions how to improve indoor air quality?

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Childcare centre with clean indoor air

In a childcare centre the indoor air is continuously polluted with odour, fine dust, micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. This is unhealthy for both the children and staff. It can lead to illness, lung problems and allergic reactions. Euromate has numerous childcare centres as customers. Two of these are Kindercentrum Belle Fleur in Prinsenbeek/Breda (The Netherlands) and Kinderopvang De Ronde Venen in Vinkeveen (The Netherlands). You want a healthy, fresh environment for your staff and children too, don’t you?

Euromate, the company with 40 years of expertise in improving the air quality of indoor environments in childcare centres

Euromate, with 40 years of experience, is your expert for improving the air quality of indoor environments. In the childcare sector, Euromate has extensive experience in solving problems with odour nuisance in the nappy-changing room as well as improvement of the indoor air if the crèche is located near the motorway. Whatever the situation, Euromate always improves the air quality without changes to the building (plug-and-play).

Air cleaning for elimination of objectionable odours

Unpleasant odours are a nuisance for childcare centre staff and for visitors (children’s parents), yet the situation can be improved fairly easily. An air cleaner for mitigating bothersome odours is able to draw in the stinky air, filter it and blow the odour-free air back into the room. Euromate has fitted the air cleaner for bad smells with a CarbonMax filter. This contains lots of carbon so that gases and odours remain trapped in the filter.

Questions or free advice?

Any questions about air cleaning in childcare centers? Please leave your email address and telephone number and we will respond to your message as quickly as possible.