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Optimize the air quality in your office

Do you have problems with polluted indoor air in the office that you would like to solve? Stop exposing yourself, your employees and your guests to polluting dust particles, bacteria, viruses, allergens and odors. Put an end to those annoying health problems. Ensure good and healthy air quality. The VisionAir Blue Line and the Pure Air Shield 3300 air cleaners are the perfect solution for this. Thanks to this air exchange, you effectively tackle every problem with your indoor air. The stylish design of the air cleaners fits into any interior. They make little noise and are very user-friendly in terms of operation. Depending on the type of air cleaner, it is suitable for installation on the ceiling, on the wall, or on a mobile display.

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The new generation of air purifiers for companies effectively tackles indoor air pollution in offices.

  • Air exchange in the office ensures a fresh and pleasant working environment.
  • Air cleaning in the office has a positive effect on productivity and absenteeism
  • Reduces concentration problems, fatigue and headache, throat and nose complaints

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Companies with clean indoor air

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What do our customers say?

“I’m so happy with those air cleaners! They work exceptionally well, complaints have vanished and employees are satisfied.”

“It really does deliver clean air. We no longer experience any foreign odours and the units are almost silent!”

“What an improvement! When the air cleaner is on we notice the difference straight away. It simply makes it much more pleasant to work here.”

“We are also very pleased with the quick operation of the air cleaners.”
The Industrial Bank

Would you like to know more?
For advice you can easily contact us. If you fill in the form on the right, we will contact as quickly as possible. You can read more about air cleaning in our blogs.

Measuring air quality at the office

To know what the air quality is like in the office, the situation must be mapped out. This can be done very easily by measuring the air quality in the office with an air meter. Euromate has air meters that can measure particles in the indoor air (including particulate matter) but also odors and gases in the air. The unique filter combinations of our air cleaner connect to different types of air pollution. Tackle the air pollution that is most bothering you with air cleaning.

  • DustFree: tackle (in) visible (fine) dust
  • MicrobeFree: filter viruses and bacteria from the air
  • GasFree: tackle harmful gases and the Sick Building Syndrome
  • SmokeFree: clean air in smoking rooms
  • OdourFree: prevent annoying and penetrating odors from getting stuck

Ensure a really clean indoor air

Poor air quality in the office causes an unhealthy workplace and that leads to unpleasant health problems. A healthy and pleasant working environment has a positive effect on productivity, absenteeism and the image of your organization. To increase the air quality in offices, an air cleaner is most important. A fresh office environment in which the air quality is improved offers many benefits:

  • Increased productivity (healthy air keeps employees sharp and fit).
  • Air exchange of the indoor air.
  • No more problems with unpleasant odors, viruses, bacteria and (fine) dust.
  • Energy efficient; Heated and cooled air is well dispersed in the office and not immediately blown out.
  • Fresh and accessible office space.
  • Higher productivity; staff is less tired at the end of the day.
  • Less cleaning costs.
  • Lower absenteeism; less headache, problems with concentration, tiredness and throat and nose complaints.
  • Good image.