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Improving air quality

in locker rooms

A locker room is often used by people who have just finished intense athletic activity. There are also often locker rooms for the personnel in healthcare and production environments. Unpleasant odours from dirty clothing and sweat come together in a relatively small space. And with limited ventilation the air hangs around for a long time. This causes the air quality in the changing rooms to dramatically deteriorate. The locker room is a place we visit relatively often, which makes the problem one that is increasingly bothersome and off-putting.

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Addressing bad odours in locker rooms

Unpleasant odours of sweat are off-putting and must be addressed to keep both visitors to the locker room and personnel satisfied. An air cleaner is the perfect solution for addressing odour nuisance in locker rooms. Euromate has an air cleaner with CarbonMax filter. This filter contains over 5 kg of carbon and can therefore capture sweat odours and gases that can hang in the locker room. The polluted air goes through the carbon filter, and the neutralised air is then blown back into the room. All Euromate air cleaners are installed for free, stand-alone, plug-and-play and versatile.

Benefits of optimum air quality in a locker room

Air cleaning in a locker room improves the air quality considerably. Optimum air quality provides the following benefits:

  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air
  • No more nuisance from unpleasant odours, viruses, bacteria, dust and fine particulates
  • Saves energy: heated and cooled air are distributed evenly through the locker room rather than being blown out in one location
  • Fresh, inviting locker room
  • Personnel are content at the end of the day because they have not been exposed to so much stench
  • Lower cleaning costs: special cleaning agents can be used to remove odours, solving the problem temporarily
  • Unpleasant odours can become increasingly bothersome for personnel and, as such, lead to more absence due to illness
  • Good image: distinguishing factor in the sector, for personnel and visitors

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