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Pleasant stay in the canteen without odours from athletes or employees

In the canteen of a sports club or company it is often swarming with people at peak times (after the game / during the break, etc.) However, all these people take scents with them, which can cause damp air. More than once the employees of the canteen are working in bad air. The concentrations of particulate matter, odours and gases are high due to a suffocating combination of cooking and baking equipment, people with body odours and fine particles entering through windows and doors.

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The new generation of air cleaners for companies effectively tackles indoor air pollution in canteens.

  • Fresh air in the canteen provides a fresh and pleasant environment.
  • Air cleaning has a positive effect on the productivity and absenteeism of employees who work in a canteen.
  • Removes bad odours, fine dust and gases.

Euromate also offers smoking facilities and a filtration system for the kitchen of canteens.

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Companies with clean indoor air

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What do our customers say?

“I’m so happy with those air cleaners! They work exceptionally well, complaints have vanished and employees are satisfied.”

“It really does deliver clean air. We no longer experience any foreign odours and the units are almost silent!”

“What an improvement! When the air cleaner is on we notice the difference straight away. It simply makes it much more pleasant to work here.”

“We are also very pleased with the quick operation of the air cleaners.”
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Measuring air quality in the canteen

The indoor air problems in canteens are very diverse. The situation needs to be charted to find out what the air quality is in the canteen. This can be done very simply by measuring the air quality in the canteen with an air meter. Euromate has air meters that can measure particles in the indoor air (including particulate matter), but also odours and gases in the air. After an air measurement, Euromate provides appropriate advice for optimal cleaning of the indoor air.

Provide a really clean indoor air

Poor air quality in the canteen creates an unhealthy space and this leads to unpleasant health problems. A healthy and pleasant environment has a positive effect on the productivity and absenteeism of employees in the canteen. An air purifier is very important to improve the air quality in the canteen. A fresh environment in which the air quality improves provides many advantages:

  • Increased productivity (healthy air keeps employees sharp and fit).
  • Air exchange of the indoor air.
  • No more problems with unpleasant odours, viruses, bacteria and (fine) dust distributed by guests of the canteen.
  • Energy efficient; heated and cooled air is well distributed in the canteen and is not blown directly outside.
  • Fresh and accessible canteen.
  • Higher productivity; staff less tired at the end of the day.
  • Less cleaning costs.
  • Lower absenteeism due to illness; less headaches, fatigue and throat and nose problems.
  • Good image.