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Indoor air pollution: How to keep a fresh breeze in winter?

You probably think first of temperature and humidity, when you hear the word ‘climate’. Or maybe you associate it with the climate outdoors. But did you know that climate is a much broader topic?

Next to the on-going debate about the climate change outside, indoor climate attracts more and more attention lately. For that reason, I would like to talk about indoor climate. And to be exact, the indoor climate in your home.

Indoor climate depends on different factors like temperature, humidity, oxygen and ventilation. However, you also need to consider the influence of pets, food, electronical devices and last but not least: yourself.

A clean and fresh indoor environment is important for different reasons: For one thing, odour, dust, mould and bacteria are always present in your home. Additionally, we have become increasingly allergic and spend more time indoors.

Certainly enough reasons to pay attention to the indoor climate in your home. Since colder weather is just around the corner, I am thinking of measures to keep the air comfortable at home. Here are five easy recommendations against air pollutants.

Walk on slippers

The Netherlands is one of the few countries where many people walk indoors with their shoes on. I always walk on slippers at home to avoid dirt, chemicals and other filth inside the house. Aside from that it feels much more comfortable for my feet.

Light smoke-free Candles

For us, winter is the time to enjoy the comforting light of candles. I usually buy high quality candles that do not create smoke. This way I keep the air fresh and clean.

Clean up after your pet

Pet allergies come from your furry friend’s hair, dead skin cells, salvia, and urine. If you are sensitive to pet allergens, make sure to keep your pet away from your sleeping area. Clean your furniture and floors two or more times a week. If we come back from a walk with our dog, we make sure to clean him thoroughly to avoid polluting particles.

Clean your chimney

We love to sit in front of the fire place during the cold months of the year. Already two months ago, I asked someone to sweep my chimney to make sure that the smoke of the fire place can leave the house easily.

Open your windows

Regular ventilation is a must during winter to ensure a clean and fresh indoor climate. Humidity in the house causes mould, which is very dangerous for your health.

You see, with only a few easy adjustments you can ensure a cleaner and healthier indoor climate at your home.

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