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“I never thought that I would think of Euromate, when listening to Roxy Music. It’s like this: Dick den Dekker had a record factory and among others, he manufactured the records of Roxy Music. Dekker was given this permission exclusively. To improve the sound quality, Dick wanted to reduce the dust in the air and began to experiment with different methods. The result was the Euromate electrostatic filter. So you see, we were already connected to the issue of dust from the very beginning.” (Gert Jan Kleinrensink, Chairman Euromate).

Our product developments

Euromate has a long history of launching innovative, contemporary products. Its initial mission was to apply the electrostatic filter principle to commercial air cleaners. In the course of time Euromate has introduced a variety of products, and related services, that were based on this principle. Other filter principles and air cleaners have been added to the portfolio and have resulted in the programme we have currently available. Of course, we strive for further improvements and developments and keep on delivering new solutions that fit your needs.

Our company history

1975: Euromate is founded in Heiloo, The Netherlands.
1981: Lucom is founded in Breda, The Netherlands and will become Euromate’s BeNeLux distributor.
1986: Lucom starts up its own service department.
1992: Euromate moves its facilities to Alkmaar, The Netherlands.
1999: Euromate acquires Lucom.
2005: Clean Air Group, the holding company of Euromate, is founded.
2006: Clean Air Group acquires Plymovent and integrates the companies into one company.
2011: Clean Air Group rebrands to one brand name: Plymovent.
2012: Introduction of the business units: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Industrial Products, Exhaust Extraction.
2015: The business unit IAQ becomes an independent company under the brand name Euromate.