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Good air quality and protection of employees thanks to industrial air cleaner

Bilfinger Noell GmbH; over the years, the workshop, founded in 1824, has grown to become an international high-tech company specialising in bespoke machinery and plant engineering. Bilfinger Noell, based in Würzburg, provides tailored solutions and engineering of bespoke high-tech machinery. Its strengths include innovative solutions realised with efficient technology, including in research, nuclear-technology applications and energy storage. The company focuses primarily on applications in nuclear, cryogenic, magnetic, vacuum and superconduction technology. Bilfinger Noell’s services range from development and planning to delivery, commissioning and operation of its plants and equipment. The majority of the company’s more than 270 employees work in engineering roles. With their high-tech expertise and in-depth engineering knowledge, Bilfinger Noell’s employees analyse the challenges of new projects independently of the industry and develop appropriate solutions.

Effective air filtration is necessary

The manufacture and assembly of the company’s highly sensitive products and solutions as well as precision parts demand a consistently high level of cleanliness. In addition to stationary extraction systems for effective filtration, Bilfinger was on the lookout for a solution that would guarantee both customers and employees maximum process safety.

Hanging air systems for effective air filtration

With ample experience in the field of clean production hall air, Euromate was able to meet the exacting requirements of Bilfinger Noell with a bespoke solution. Euromate attached room air systems to the ceiling to both circulate the air and filter the air according to the recycled air principle. The system also ensures that no heat is lost during the air cleaning process, efficiently reducing heating costs. The Euromate air cleaning systems at the Würzburg site are equipped with electrostatic filters (electrostatic precipitators) (HFE) for effective filtration, especially of welding fumes and fine particulate. They are easy to clean, reusable, environmentally friendly and economical. For another of the production halls at the Würzburg site, Euromate installed a modular solution, which in addition to electrostatic precipitators, is also equipped with pocket filters for filtration of coarser particulate. This allows the electrostatic precipitators to focus on filtration of finer particulate. These modular room air systems can also be optionally expanded to include active carbon.

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