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Five-year warranty on the VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner

Euromate has been a specialist in the field of air cleaning for over 45 years. With our own R&D department, production and assembly line and installation and maintenance department, we have everything in-house. This allows us to guarantee the constant quality of our professional air cleaners.

Clean indoor air for everyone
We believe that clean indoor air is a substantial right for everyone and that it is the foundation for a happy and healthy life. Based on this mission, we believe it is important that our customers can trust that they work in a safe and healthy environment.

European parts
We always use European parts because they are of high quality and ensure a long life for our air cleaners. This is also important in the context of the sustainability that is pursued in our business operations.

Five year guarantee
Because the quality is so high, our customers receive a five-year warranty on the VisionAir Blue Line. This air cleaner is currently used by many organizations as it is very effective against COVID-19. The warranty is valid in combination with a maintenance contract.

Regular maintenance is important
Through regular maintenance, tailored to the needs of the customer, our technicians ensure that the quality of the air cleaners is guaranteed. As a result, our customers are assured of clean indoor air for a long time!

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