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Euromate in the media: Clean indoor air is also essential in the office of the future

On 9 September 2021, we published an article about the importance of clean air in offices on an entrepreneurial Dutch online platform. You can read the text below.

Now that more and more corona measures are being abolished, facility managers are making plans. How is the return of employees to the office handled? Organizations are working on scenarios where hybrid seems to be the key word. It is in any case certain that the office ‘of the future’ will have a different function at many companies. What will this look like?

It is plausible that more offices will have a meeting function instead of purely functioning as a workplace. People like to see each other for meetings, brainstorm sessions and to train new colleagues. The office layout and occupancy schedules must be adjusted accordingly. In order to support social interaction and to create a healthy and safe environment, it is important that investments are also made in air quality.

Viruses such as corona are mainly spread in indoor spaces via aerosols. These are small to very small droplets that are spread by breathing out, talking and singing. Aerosols can float in the indoor air for hours, which makes them a risk of contamination if there is an insufficient supply of clean indoor air. However, poor air quality also has other consequences. A lack of ventilation and chemical substances released from, for example, building materials, carpeting, computers and printers are also not conducive to the well-being of employees. According to Dutch researcher Dr Philomena Bluyssen of TNO, a poor indoor climate can cause a company a loss of productivity of 3,600 euros per employee per year. In addition, long-term exposure to polluted indoor air can cause chronic health problems.

Good and regular ventilation helps. However, in many buildings this is not possible. With a view to the corona virus, CO2 meters are recommended, with which an estimate can be made of the degree of pollution in the air. If a certain value is exceeded, immediate action must be taken. When ventilation is not sufficiently possible, more and more authorities are recommending the use of (mobile) air cleaners. Euromate’s certified air cleaners continuously filter up to 99.95% of pollution such as viruses, bacteria, (fine) dust and odors from the air.

The devices are used daily at many organizations that consider good air quality and good working conditions important for their employees. For the price of a cup of coffee a day it is already possible to create a healthy working environment. Contact us via if you would like to get more information.

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