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Euromate and Trend go for fresh breeze

A fresh wind has blown firmly through our premises in the last few months. After years of working under the Plymovent banner, we have continued as an independent company (with the old new name Euromate) since 1 January 2015. To achieve a complete rebranding and a new image we found a breath of fresh air in our advertising agency Trend.

Trend has redesigned a large number of our means of communication. The result is recognisable design elements which create an own unique look. Besides the logo, our stationery, the vehicle fleet, newsletters and corporate and product brochures got a fresh look as well.

Since this year, online communication is an important part of our business. Therefore we fully focused on a professional website that makes it easier for you to find the right information and get in touch with us. Besides this we designed a part of the website for news in which we will inform you about important developments in clean air.

Together with Trend and the web builders of Digivotion we have carefully considered your entry onto the website as a visitor and the direction you would possibly follow to find the right solution. With various connections, we ensure that products and solutions are linked together throughout the website and that you can find the right solution for your problem.

This week the time has come. The last part of our website went online. We are very happy with the results and hope that your can find your way in the new environment.

We are very interested in your opinion and look forward to your response in the comment box below.

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