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Blog: Professional air cleaners remove all viruses from the air

Delta or Omicron: professional anti-virus air cleaners filter all virus variants

And another corona wave…
The corona issue is completely dominating society again. After a relatively easy summer with the belief that the corona pandemic could soon be forgotten, the fear is back. With the new virus variant Omicron, it is perhaps even greater than during the other waves, when there was much less knowledge about the spread of the virus and technical solutions such as air cleaners against coronaviruses were still completely new, unknown and unexplored. Much has changed since then – but the fear is still there. And leaves employees, customers, visitors, guests and patients hesitant.

What does this new virus variant “Omicron” do to us?
Is it more contagious than Delta? Do vaccinations protect against it? Will tougher measures be taken? Will schools, restaurants or clubs have to close? And can we celebrate Christmas together “like before” or just “like last year”? Will we have to cancel holidays? When will the fourth corona wave be over? When will so many people be immune, so that Covid-19 will no longer overburden the health system? How many more years of life and joy will corona ruin?

What will Omicron do to us? We do not know. What will our professional air cleaners do with Omicron? We do know. They filter it out.
Whether the virus is called Alpha, Beta, Delta or Omicron, our certified, professional anti-virus air cleaners, simply put, don’t care at all. Omicron is no smaller than the previous virus variants, and that means: just as over 99% of known coronaviruses are filtered out of indoor air by air cleaners like the Vision Air Blue Line or the Pure Air Shield 3300, the Omicron variant is also filtered out of indoor air safely and efficiently. And that means that aerogenic transmissions, i.e. infections through the indoor air, are prevented by more than 99%.

Whether in a gym, school, office, restaurant or ice cream parlour: technical solutions for protection against coronavirus infection ensure safety – and signal to customers that you are investing in their health.

“Dear guests, you may already have noticed that we have installed a professional anti-virus air purification system in our rooms. The system comes from the company Euromate. This is the largest single investment in the history of our company that we have made for your health and safety. With this highly effective air purification system, we are very well prepared for possible future virus types and mutations in the long term. With this good feeling of having done everything for your wellbeing with us, we look forward to your visit!”

This message can be read on the website of The Tree Cologne, a renowned massage studio in Cologne. Omicron does not go away because of such a message. But it does give a sense of security. In our offices, at the fitness studio, at the physiotherapist’s, in the waiting room, in the lawyer’s office, in the theatre, in the hotel – or, as shown below, in the ice cream parlour in the Köln-Arcade.

Side effect: flu and cold viruses also get into the filter
There is a side effect. A very important one, though. Not only coronaviruses, but also flu and cold viruses and other microbes enter the filters and are rendered harmless. We won’t miss them, those viruses.

Stay healthy!

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