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Clean air is not an “option” but a serious and substantial issue!

Without thinking about it, we work and live in spaces that we think are clean. Everything is neatly kept, cleaned up, cleaned and aired. However, what we are not aware of is the last in that list. The windows open, nice and fresh, but unfortunately this causes new pollution but then floating through the air. The name? Fine dust, pleasant!

Particulate matter concentrations are particularly high in densely populated areas and major highways. Outliers of more than 22 µg / m3 are not seldom observed in our country. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends striving for 10 µg / m3. The Netherlands is on average 5 µg / m3 above that (report 2019, RIVM). Just opening the window means that on average 50% more particulate matter is consumed than is recommended. This can result in many nasty side effects: shorter lifespan, cardiovascular disease and of course lung problems. Clean air is essential for people in the latter group. Among others 600,000 people with COPD, 369,000 people with bronchitis and 640,000 people with asthma in the Netherlands can confirm this.

But do we need to tackle emissions in the open air even more? The answer is: partially yes. What we ignore is that we also have to tackle indoor air. Then we tackle “all” air and side effects are reduced.

Of course we can achieve a lot by planting trees and shrubs. This makes outside air cleaner. But companies can also do much more to reduce their emissions. After all, they are a major cause of particulate matter. Think of cars, (lift) trucks and machines that are fully operational. A lot can be gained here through high-quality air filtering in factories and industrial halls. Moreover, it can also lead to a 40% reduction in absenteeism among staff.

Then there is the indoor air. Believe it or not, but this air is sometimes more polluted than the outside air. This is a combination of our own emissions (heating, cooking, showering and even making coffee) and polluted outside air that penetrates the house. This can be taken care of, whether or not at home, by an air cleaner that fits the size of the room. In this way you already make it possible for yourself to live in clean and healthy air.

So tackle air pollution yourself too! Plant a tree for the outside air, reduce the emissions of your company through an air filter system and arrange for air cleaning at your home. There is a solution for every situation, so take a closer look. Clean air is not an “option” but a serious and substantial essential! Together we tackle air pollution, so please contact Euromate without obligation to discuss the options!

Euromate supports Viridiair with creating clean air.

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