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Belgian employers must, by royal decree, do more to provide employees with good indoor air quality.

In 2019, the Belgian Ministry of Employment issued a royal decree in which the welfare at the workplace is deepened. In particular, the definition of indoor air quality has been clarified.

Wherever people work, employers must ensure good indoor air quality and employers must regularly perform risk analysis of indoor air quality. This has been introduced to combat or reduce sources of pollution. Various sources of pollution are mentioned in the decree, including:

• the presence and physical activity of people;
• the presence of products and materials in the workplace;
• the maintenance, repair and cleaning of workplaces

The quality of the air supplied by air treatment systems and air purifiers must also be monitored.

Employers must prepare an action plan for existing buildings. Step-by-step planning should be added to this to gradually improve the situation with short, medium and long-term measures. For new construction after January 1st, 2020, the rules must be met immediately from the moment of delivery.

Employers in Belgium are now fully engaged in implementing these plans. Euromate can help with this! Our solutions contribute to achieving the objectives and retain the effect through our excellent service.

A Euromate air cleaner has many advantages. It delivers the quality that is required by the Royal Decree. The indoor climate is stripped of particulate matter, odors, bacteria and viruses, among other things. Work absenteeism among employees will also decrease and sick building syndrome will occur less. Recirculation through the air cleaner also ensures that heating costs are reduced and equipment lasts longer.

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