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Air cleaners at work: does it help against viruses and bacteria?

They float in the air and can make you sick: viruses and bacteria. This winter the corona virus causes fear in many people. At work you of course also come into contact with people of whom you do not know where they have all been, and whether they possibly carry something with them. Does an air cleaner help to prevent viruses and bacteria?

Of course, exclusion can never be guaranteed, but the chance of contracting viruses and bacteria can certainly be reduced by purchasing a good air purifier at work. You do not prevent contamination outside the house, you can certainly take steps indoors. Of course, also observe personal hygiene and close doors and windows as much as possible so that the air goes through the air purifier and recirculates.

Viruses and bacteria can stick to other small particles in the air. Think of fine dust and pollen. An air cleaner from Euromate with an electrostatic filter ensures that fine dust, possibly with viruses and bacteria that stick to it, is purified from the air. A HEPA filter can also offer a solution. Euromate has both filters in house and even offers a special filter package that reduces the chance of contamination by viruses and bacteria from the air. It is recommended to turn on air purifiers as long and often as possible to optimize the effect. Remember that an air purifier is not an absolute solution to ward off viruses and bacteria.

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