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Aerosols in dental practices: What and where?

“The dental practice is a major source of infection.” This statement sounds very firm but is a the truth, a dentist will agree. And this is mainly due to aerosols: tiny droplets of water in the air that are generated by the spray cooling of rotating instruments.

Bacteria and viruses have found a friend in the aerosol. They mix by using the rotary instruments with the spray cooling, so that bacteria and viruses get into the air and are thus spread to people through indirect contact. And these are not the least infections. For example, Legionnaires’ disease, herpes, measles and even hepatitis B can spread through aerosols (Source: Tandarts Totaal). This can also come along the mask. Of course nobody wants to think about this! The joint oral care associations (ANT, KNMT, NVM and ONT) state that a dentist is at risk from aerosols that float in the air.

The indoor air of a dental practice can contain up to 500,000 germs per milliliter of aerosols in the air. A shockingly high number! It can be the beginning of a large number of infections and / or even an epidemic. To prevent this, dental practices must adhere to the so-called Infection Prevention Act (WIP). This law has existed since 2007, it is regularly updated and monitored by health service inspectors.

Fortunately, Euromate offers the ultimate solution against aerosols. The VisionAir Blue Line, in combination with the MicrobeFree filter package, can do something about this unhealthy situation. In addition, it will also filter fine dust and unpleasant odors. It is an effective and continuous solution to clean the air. Staff and patients experience a clean and clean atmosphere in which they feel comfortable and where they can rely on hygienic working air. The stylish design of the air purifiers fits effortlessly into the interior of the practice. In addition, air recirculation ensures that precious heated or cooled air is not lost.

Dental Practice Wiewel and Dental Practice Wijsman are already convinced and have a Euromate air purifier. “A clean working environment was decisive for me when purchasing our air purifiers,” says dentist Maarten Wiewel.

More information about air purifiers or make an appointment directly? Please contact Euromate via the contact form below or call 076-5789550.

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