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A 70% reduction in fine particulate and the suppression of vapours produced during welding, cutting and grinding

Discom is a specialist company that has expanded over more than forty years from a supplier of silencers to an all-round specialist in exhaust gas systems. Exhaust gas system need to meet ever more stringent requirements, while noise-mitigating measures are being tightened. In addition, authorities are imposing new standards on emissions from polluting gases, yet in other cases, you want to reuse the heat from those exhaust gases. Discom specialises in the integration of different techniques and technologies.

Fine dust in the air as a result of welding and grinding work

Discom’s work is carried in three different production halls, two of which are connected to one another. The welding and grinding work generates a considerable amount of air pollution in the form of fine particulate. Inhalation is not only harmful to the company’s employees, and as the particulate settles, it causes problems with welding equipment and controlling the equipment. Vapours released during welding, cutting and grinding can also be extremely harmful to the health of employees. In the winter in particular, when the doors were firmly closed, one of the company’s employees found it impossible to work in the production hall because of breathing difficulties.

Success demonstrated after air measurement

Discom strives continuously to make conditions more comfortable, and took the decision to optimise air quality. After the first air measurements the two linked production halls were equipped with four HF air cleaners. After installation, measures indicated that air pollution had been reduced by 60 to 70%. An additional two air cleaners were purchased for the third production hall, used for stainless steel processing. For one employee who suffers from COPD, installation of air cleaners was a very welcome improvement. Now that the air quality has been improved, he is able to work in all parts of the production hall without experiencing any anxiety-related complaints.

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