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VisionAir Blue Line effective against COVID-19

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Spotlight: VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree

Minimise, amongst others, viruses and bacteria.

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(Fine) Dust


Odours and Gases


Grease and Oil


COVID-19 Virus




Clean your indoor air effectively with the Pure Air Shield 3300!

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Pure Air Shield 3300 air cleaner Euromate

What can Euromate do for you?

By cleaning the indoor air, we have been making work environments safer for more than 45 years. This reduces pollution such as viruses, bacteria, fine particles, odors and gases. Creating clean indoor air contributes to the health of your employees, reduces absenteeism costs and ensures a longer life for your machines.

What approach can you expect from us?

If you suffer from pollution, you have come to the right place. Our local representative can first map out the working environment, depending on the room (s). This can sometimes be done by telephone and otherwise at your location. Where necessary, test measurements are taken in order to properly identify what contamination there is. Based on these findings, tailor-made advice is then given about the solution that exactly suits your needs. Depending on the type of air cleaner(s), service technicians can perform periodic maintenance after installation. This guarantees a long lifespan.



What can you contact your local Euromate representative for?

Not only are our professional air cleaners designed in-house, but they are also assembled in-house at our headquarters in The Netherlands. Through our local representatives we also offer advice and all-round services related to air cleaning in all areas within your organization. Whether it concerns solutions for general practitioners and dentists or classrooms, hairdressers, offices and industrial halls, our professional air cleaners are installed in many rooms, all over the world. The devices are portable, user-friendly, silent and energy efficient.

Our mission

We believe that clean indoor air is a substantial right for everyone and that it is the basis for a happy and healthy life.

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Euromate is an expert in air cleaning and air filtration for more than 45 years. We help organizations and people to improve indoor air quality. We do this because we believe that clean indoor air is a substantial right for everyone and the basis for a happy and healthy life.

Our professional air cleaners ensure that the air in your organization is continuously cleaned from pollutants. It creates a clean and healthy indoor air. Get rid of those bad smells, bad odours. In addition, our systems lowers absenteeism, cleaning costs, heating costs, while it improves productivity. In addition to smell, dust, smoke and grease, there are many other types of air pollutants, such as pollen, viruses, soot, microbiological contamination, aerosols, gases or hair particles. These float in the air and are inhaled, causing various health risks.

Our experience, expertise and service orientation in air cleaners make it possible in every situation to deliver a device which is effective, sustainable and user friendly. Euromate is a leading global supplier of air cleaners with sales outlets in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In the rest of the world we are represented by authorized distributors in more than 40 countries.

In many branches the indoor air gets polluted because of the chores that is done. Examples of pollution are tobacco smoke, particulate matter, small hair particles, unpleasant odors, viruses, bacteria gasses, sick building syndrome and mercury fumes. The air cleaner pulls the polluted air towards itself, cleans the air and then brings the clean air back into the room. The most harmful air pollution is invisible.

Sales department: 076 – 5789 552
Report a malfunction: 076 – 5789 570
Questions Service invoice: 076 – 5789 570
Other financial questions: 076 – 5789 565

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